Satellite Coverage Maps


We offer a complete range of services, including full and part time Ku-band transponder capacity on our satellites located at 121° and 105°, and complex satellite solutions.

EchoStar 105
EchoStar 105, located at the 105° West orbital location is a high-powered, hybrid Ku and C-band communications satellite with 24x36 MHz Ku-band transponders. EchoStar 105 provides Ku-band transponder capacity, with coverage of the 50 U.S. states and expanded reach to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, for satellite communications services for EchoStar’s enterprise, media and broadcast, and U.S. government service provider customers.

EchoStar 9
Located at the 121° West orbital location, EchoStar 9 has a Ku-band payload of 32x26 MHz transponders and a small Ka-band payload consisting of 4 spot beams at 200 MHz.

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EchoStar 9 (121° W)   EchoStar 9 (121° W)
Spot Beams
  EchoStar 105 (105° W)
EchoStar 9   EchoStar 9 Spot Beams   AMC 15